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TopSpeed was launched in 2003 with the goal of becoming a genuine, trustworthy, and leading authority on the automotive industry. Today, TopSpeed serves more than 3 million readers per month with a wide range of content from breaking automotive news to in-depth, professional car reviews and exclusive content, all of which is centered around the car, pickup truck, and motorcycle industries.

TopSpeed’s team of contributors and professional writers is ever-growing, but the one thing that brings us all together is our passion, enthusiasm, and our extensive knowledge of the car industry and car culture.

Because of this, TopSpeed has become the go-to source for anyone with a passion for driving, car tuning, or simply learning about the next big development in the supercar world.

The Editorial Team

Sidd Dhimaan - Evergreen Lead Editor
Sidd Dhimaan
Senior Editor | EV Section

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Khris Bharath - Authority Lead Editor
Khris Bharath
Senior Editor | ICE Section

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Punya Sharma - Motorcycle News Writer
Punya Sharma
Motorcycle News Writer

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TJ Hinton - Motorcycle Expert
TJ Hinton
Motorcycle Contributor

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Allyn Hinton - Motorcycle Expert
Allyn Hinton
Motorcycle Contributor

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