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Dim’s fascination with cars began when he was just six. Born into a family of car enthusiasts and racing drivers, he started learning basic mechanics and driving from an early age. While he loves writing for any car, Dim is most interested in exploring obscure and forgotten cars as well as finding the best deals on the enthusiast car market. His passion took him to car restoration in the Malta Classic Car Museum, where he briefly worked on a 1964 Jaguar E-Type and an Alfa Romeo Junior. In Malta, he also graduated Media and Communications, which further improved his skills as an automotive journalist. Dim is always ready to get behind the wheel of any car and tell you all about it later.

1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 1
10 Used Japanese Cars That Will Drain Your Wallet

While these Japanese cars are not necessarily bad, they can suffer from potentially catastrophic failures as they grow old and rack up the miles

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10 Reasons The New MG Cyberster Will Blow You Away

The MG Cyberster could be a bigger threat to the Tesla Roadster than anticipated.

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EXOMOD Concept's Is Building The Ultimate 1968 Dodge CHARGER Powered By Hennessey

Limited to just 10 examples, the craftsmanship of these two outfits will culminate in a joint project to create bespoke 1,000 horsepower '68 Chargers

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10 Most Overrated Performance Cars Of 2023

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Toyota 1JZ vs 2JZ: Picking The Best Engine Swap

While both are similar in design and equally iconic, there's a lot more than displacement that separates the 2JZ from the 1JZ

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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Fast SUV

While performance SUVs are the most versatile vehicles on the market, they also come with a few inherent downsides that make them less than ideal

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10 SUVs That Still Pack A V-8

In the age of engine downsizing and electric vehicles, here are 10 models that continue to rock a V-8 under the hood

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The Fastest Porsches Of The 1990s

While the '90s was a turbulent period for the German brand, it also gave us an incredibly versatile range of fast sports cars

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10 Fastest BMW Sports Cars, Ranked

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Top 10 Mazda MX-5 Miata Conversions

The Miata is the ultimate project car and these complete ground-up transformations prove anything is possible

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Manual Cars You Need To Drive Before You Die

From humble Japanese roadsters to psychotic, German supercars, these are the greatest manual cars every driving enthusiast should aspire to drive

15 Best JDM Cars Of The 90s

While these 15 JDM cars ruled the roads back in the 90s, they continue to rule our hearts to this day

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10 Fastest Mercedes Sports Cars, Ranked

From Formula One-powered road cars to sensational record-breakers, these 10 Mercedes sports cars represent the German brand's peak performers

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Top 10 Best Sports Cars Of The Last 25 Years

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10 Fastest Chevrolet Sports Cars, Ranked

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15 Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Cars

Who needs forced induction when naturally aspirated engines can churn out this much power?!

Bugatti Bolide Hypercar 1
10 Fastest Bugattis Ever Produced

The French supercar maker has been at the top of the performance food chain throughout most of its existence and these 10 models certainly prove it

1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 1
10 Slow Muscle Cars That Can Fool You Into Thinking They Are Actually Fast

Looks can be deceiving with these 10 "Muscle" cars as they had to trade horsepower for no power

Black 1979 Pontiac Trans AM SE 1
10 Worst Muscle Cars That Deserve To Be Scrapped

The Muscle car era gave us some true automotive icons, but sadly, these 10 models are an insult to what the segment stands for and are best forgotten

2023 Porsche 718 Cayman T 1
10 Best Porsche Models You Can Still Get With A Manual Transmission

While the PDK may be brilliant, these 10 Porsche models were born to be enjoyed with a third pedal and a stick

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