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Josh has always had a love affair with cars. This mostly started as a kid playing video games like Need for Speed Underground and going to the occasional car show with his father and grandfather in Columbus, Ohio. Once he got to college he realized he loved writing and decided to change his major from Business Management to Emerging Media focusing in Journalism. Josh graduated from Capital University in 2022 and has been with TopSpeed for over a years now, first as an intern, now as a freelance journalist. He currently daily drives a 1997 Mazda Miata and loves covering all possible areas of the automotive landscape, although he has a specialty in aftermarket or custom builds, as well as manufacture's plans on how to tackle an ever changing world.

Corvette E-Ray 1
This Is The World's First-Ever AWD Chevrolet Corvette

Not only is the Corvette E-Ray the first AWD Corvette, it's the first hybrid model and the most powerful

Ford Mustang 1
The Carroll Shelby Centennial Edition Mustang Is A Fire-Breathing ‘Stang Worthy To Bear The Legend's Name

The Centennial Edition is a pretty simple formula that we are all used to, but that does not make it any less spectacular.

Lexus RZ 1
The Lexus RZ Sport Is An Outrageous Build For The Tokyo Auto Salon

Toyota is finally getting its sense of humor back with a EV luxury SUV that looks like nothing else on the road

Renault Sport 1
Another Iconic Hot Hatchback Is Going Out Of Production

Renault produced the wildest hot hatchbacks the world has ever seen, but with Renault Sport now dead, this is the last red-hot Magane

ID. Buzz 1
The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Is Getting A More Powerful Variant

VW is working to introduce a more powerful version of its ID.Buzz as the brand apparently aims to make its retro-styled EV van a bit cooler

Defender AT35 1
The Arctic Trucks AT35 Is A Land Rover Defender With Even More Off-Road Capability

Arctic Trucks decided the land Rover Defender wasn't good enough off-road, so they gave us possibly the most capable new Defender on Earth

Audi S3 1
Manhart Has Amplified The Audi S3 Sport Sedan To Another Level Of Performance

The S3 is usually overlooked and overshadowed by the RS3 due its less interesting engine and driving characteristics, and Manhart wants to change that

2023 Maserati GranTurismo Folgore 1
Maserati CEO Previews The Brand's Electrified And "Mainstream" Future

Maserati has been on a roll recently, and it aims to retain its momentum as the brand goes electric

Ford Mustang 1
This 1967 Ford Mustang Is Race-Prepped And Ready To Hit The Track

This classic Mustang has plenty of modifications, including a Roush V-8, to make it primed for vintage sports car racing

2023 Range Rover 1
Project Kahn's Range Rover Custom Is A Stealthy Street SUV Featuring Menacing Looks, 24-Inch Wheels

Range Rover models are expensive and flashy enough, but Project Kahn's custom turns the flamboyancy up to 11

Ford Penske Hertz GT Mustang 1
The Ford Mustang Hertz Penske GT Is A Rare Modern Mustang Once In A Rental Fleet

Just 150 models of these Penske prepared GTs were made, and they have a unique history once being offered in rental fleets

Land Rover Defender 1
This Corvette-Swapped 1989 Land Rover Defender Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse In Luxury

The original Land Rover Defenders were never meant to be luxurious or powerful, but that hasn't stopped people from trying

Maserati Levante 1
Maserati Levante Electric SUV Could Deliver Huge Power Figures To Challenge BMW And Mercedes

The next-gen Levante will be an EV and is using parts from other Maseratis and a backbone from Alfa Romeo. Is that enough to beat the competition?

GMC Hummer EV 1
This GMC Hummer EV Custom Is Ready To Storm Florida Beaches With Kevlar Paint, Marine-Grade Interior

A Florida customizing shop got its hands on the EV Hummer and birthed the (maybe) bullet and weatherproof "Strikeforce"

Retro G-Wagen 1
The Puch 230GE Is A Mercedes G-Class 4X4 With None Of The Luxury

Basic G-Wagon's saw plenty of military service, and this Puch model is certainly a unique, bare-bones and American-titled off-roader

Corvette ZL-1 1
This 1969 Corvette ZL-1 Has 560 Horsepower And Is Perhaps The Rarest 'Vette Ever Made

This convertible version has an engine that was derived from the CanAm racing series, and it is the only one in existence

997-Gen Speedster 1
The 997-Generation Porsche 911 Speedster Is A Rare Homage To The Original 356 Speedster

911 Speedsters are some of the rarest and most special cars Porsche has ever made, and they are also some of the most expensive

Maserati MC20 1
Mansory's Maserati MC20 Looks Like A GT3 Racer For The Street

Mansory the latest company to get its hands on the Maserati MC20, and the results are visually explosive

Nissan Z 1
Nissan To Feature Gorgeous Nissan Z Custom, Modern-Day Cube At Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan is heading to the Tokyo Auto Salon with a bevy of custom cars - some that are smash hits and a few that aren't

Mazda CX-60 1
This Customized Mazda CX-60 Isn't Your Typical, Boring Crossover

Crossovers have long needed a shot of adrenaline and they finally may get it with maybe the most fun and best-looking crossover on the road

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