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Black 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT jailbreak 1
Exclusive: Fast 'N Loud Star Richard Rawlings Challenger Jailbreak Giveaway

Speaking to TopSpeed, the Gas Monkey Garage founder explains why he’s giving away his allocation for one of the last muscle cars Dodge will produce.

Buell Super Cruiser main 1
EXCLUSIVE: Roland Sands Designs A New Buell, Meet The Super Cruiser Concept

With sportbike power and weight, this new Buell Super Cruiser is in a class of its own and designed to appeal to a younger generation of bikers

Doug DeMuro Ford GT 1
Exclusive: Doug DeMuro's Incredible Journey To YouTube Stardom And Why He Started Cars & Bids

Speaking exclusively to TopSpeed, the automotive influencer candidly speaks about his signature style and recent investment from The Chernin Group

Black 1966 Batmobile parked 1
Exclusive: Over 250 Rare Historical Cars On Display In The Petersen Museum Vault

Hiding beneath the Petersen Museum, TopSpeed recently explored the newly expanded underground exhibit of automotive history, and here's what we found

Vintage Electric Shelby 1
Exclusive: The Story Of Vintage Electric Bikes And Its Visually-Stunning Masterpieces

Speaking to TopSpeed, founder Andrew Davidge shares his experience about what led him to create an E-Bike brand that focuses on style and performance

Praga ZS 800 on the road 1
This Czech Modern Classic Takes Us Back To The 1920s

The Praga ZS 800 comes from a motorcycle company that has been around over 100 years, yet no one has ever heard of them

Tactical Fleet Dallas HQ 1
Exclusive: Tactical Fleet's Incredible Story On How It Became The Dealership With The Largest Inventory For Pre-Owned Exotic Cars In The U.S.

Speaking to TopSpeed, co-founder Jason Putnam explains how they went from two dudes in a warehouse four years ago to a flourishing business today

2023 Ducati Panigale V4 R at the Ready 4 Red Tour  1
Exclusive: Ducati Ready 4 Red Tour Showcases The 2023 Model Lineup Including The Most Excessive Panigale Yet

TopSpeed previewed the 2023 Ducati model lineup when the Ready 4 Red Tour rolled into downtown Los Angeles

Silver 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray on display 1
Exclusive: One Thing That We Learned From Our First Look At The 2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray

The Petersen Museum was one of just two places in the world that had Chevy's first-ever groundbreaking hybrid AWD Corvette E-Ray on display

1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Leichtbau parked 1
The Porsche Turbo S Lightweight Is An Ultra-Exclusive 964-Gen 911

As the 964 generation drew to a close, Porsche stipped away the 911 Turbo S and created the ultimate Lightweight version

Custom Plymouth Roadrunner 1
Exclusive: Salvaggio Auto Design Tells A Story With Their Custom Creations

TopSpeed up with the talented duo behind some of the most outlandish four-wheeled creations to grace the SEMA mainstage and the silver screen

Curriculum_Module3 1
Exclusive: Stellantis Design Chief, Ralph Gilles Speaks To TopSpeed About An Exciting New Free Design Course

The celebrated veteran designer shares his insights on how this course can act as a springboard to a rewarding career in transportation design

resize_20170304-HEELEY-776 1
Exclusive: TopSpeed's One-On-One Interview With Dakar Racer, Film Maker Amy Lerner

Amy shares her insights on endurance racing, women in motorsports and her award-winning film 'One More Win,' that celebrates racing legend Rod Hall

E.C.D. Automotive Design Showroom 1
Exclusive: Here's How E.C.D. Automotive Design Modernize Classic Defenders To Perfection

TopSpeed caught up with founders Scott and Tom to discuss the challenges involved in order to create these incredibly desirable custom Defenders

Line of Teslas on display 1
Exclusive: Petersen Museum Exhibit With The Largest Collection Of Tesla Models Ever Displayed To The Public

We get a preview of ‘Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution' showcasing Tesla's rise from an unknown startup to an industry juggernaut

A Gold-plated DARTZ Prombron Aldeen Edition MMXXII 1
Exclusive: DARTZ MOTORZ - Builders Of The Blingiest Armored Vehicles On The Planet

TopSpeed caught up with the man behind the Latvian Tank maker, Leonard F.Yankelovich

Red 2016 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Coupe 1
Exclusive: TopSpeed Caught Up With Ex-Mercedes, Rivian Designer Davis Yongwon Lee

Responsible for the design of the stunning Maybach 6 concept, the renowned automotive designer spoke about design trends and the future of ADRO.Inc

Exclusive: How Some People Have Leveraged Leasing To Build An Exotic Car Collection

TopSpeed caught up with Steven Posner of Putnam Leasing to discuss some of the advantages of using the leasing model for high-end models

Exclusive: JCCS 2022 - The West Coast Mecca of JDM

JDM enthusiasts from across the country crowded Long Beach, CA for the 17th running of JCCS. Check out our coverage of the biggest and best Japanese Classic car show in the U.S.

2000-2010 La Carrera (1) 1
2022 Exclusive: La Carrera Panamericana - One Of The Last Surviving Endurance Road Races

The Carrera Panamericana is a week-long 2000-mile dash across Mexico that pushes man and machine to the absolute limit