Many motorcycle owners have one particular riding style in mind when it comes to saddling up on their bike. Some people think it's all about getting that adrenaline rush by cranking the throttle and pushing it past the red line, milking your bike for all its horsepower and torque, and that's fine. But for people that just want to cruise, it's more about taking it easy and unwinding after a long day. Whether you're riding down the street to your favorite local restaurant, hitting the highway, or roaming along the twisty back roads, cruising along on a motorcycle is like a brief vacation that you can take almost whenever you want.

Of course, because the market for motorcycles is so vast with bikes coming in all shapes and sizes, how do you know which model is the right one for you? If you've got cruising on the mind, there is one American motorcycle brand that has you covered... Indian Motorcycles. Since its birth in 1901, Indian has been one of the main all-American motorcycle brands creating happy riders everywhere. What is particularly attractive about Indian models is that many of them cater to a wide range of riding styles, with cruising being at the top of the list. So let's take a closer look at some of Indian's inventory ideal for riders just looking to relax with the wind in their face.

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1 Indian FTR - $13,499

2023 Indian FTR cruising on the road
Indian Motorcycle
2023 Indian FTR cruising on the road through the country

At first glance, the FTR is one of Indian's sportier models, showing great appeal among sport bike riders that favor speed and performance. However, this bike is also quite ambidextrous when it comes to embarking on more laid-back riding in urban and suburban areas. The newer models come equipped with a more responsive braking system and clutch lever to instill more confidence in its riders that are looking to find balance with chill commutes and those times when they really want to cut loose and peel out. This multipurpose bike is great for short and medium-sized rides that favor maximum performance in a stripped-down bike without any additional bulk.

2 Indian Scout - $13,249

Indian Scout Riding Shot
Indian Scout riding along a tree-lined road

The Indian Scout is a fan-favorite among Indian riders because this bike is viewed as the quintessential, sporty cruiser. It's not huge, intimidating, or overbearing. If anything, it's the opposite by being approachable, convenient, and simple. Even its liquid-cooled 1133cc V-Twin engine provides the rider enough power without feeling overwhelming.

Veteran riders can appreciate this bike's ability to produce plenty of low-end torque for instant acceleration without making the rider feel like they are losing control. The Scout's low seat height make mounting and dismounting a cinch, and the additional passenger seat and pegs make it twice as enjoyable for those times when you want to take another person along for the ride too.

3 Indian Scout Bobber - $12,249

Red 2023 Indian Scout Bobber cruising through town
Indian Motorcycle
Ruby Smoke 2023 Indian Scout Bobber cruising through town

In many ways the Indian Scout Bobber is very much similar to the Indian Scout base model. It, too, comes equipped with a liquid-cooled 1133cc V-Twin engine that delivers enough horsepower and torque without overwhelming the rider, as well as a low-profile seat and remarkably responsive handling that instills confidence in its riders. In other words, both of the bikes have the same approach when it comes to going out for a cruise.

Where the Indian Scout Bobber differs is mainly from a visual standpoint. Blacked-out, chopped fenders, and a low-rise handlebar introduce a more old-school look featuring an aggressive riding position. Consider it as a modernized throwback to its predecessors that brought more attitude and visual appeal when going out for an afternoon ride around town.

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4 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty - $13,249

2023 Indian scout bobber twenty
Press photo of the 2023 Indian scout bobber twenty

This motorcycle is a tribute to Indian's original 1920 Scout. Hence, the "Twenty" moniker. For those that respect and admire the rich history behind Indian Motorcycles, the Scout Bobber Twenty blends the brand's classic heritage with modern design and technology. Some of those vintage features brought into the modern era include wire wheels, mini-ape handlebars, that the low-profile seat that the Scout has always been recognized for.

But unlike the original 1920 Scout, this motorcycle has the luxury of being equipped with the latest in riding technology. Modern conveniences featured on this bike include ABS, a USB port perfect for charging mobile devices, and the 1133cc V-Twin engine that the rest of the Scout lineup carries. While many motorcycles take pride in their technological features, visual design, and creature comforts, it's not very often that a particular model wears its lineage this well.

5 Indian Chief - $14,999

Indian Motorcycles<\/a>"">
2023 Indian Chief
Indian Motorcycles
Press photo of the 2023 Indian Chief

While you can theoretically cruise on any motorcycle, there are some models that take cruising a little more seriously. That is where the Indian Chief comes in. Larger than the Indian Scout, the Chief boasts a touring chassis and a touring rear air shock that allows its riders to embark on a leisurely cruise for a long time. It is due to this motorcycle's larger build that allow its riders to tackle rides of any kind.

This bike also comes with the option to choose from three separate ride modes (Touring, Sport, and Standard), each coming with their own preset configurations to optimize each riding style. Some other attractive tech that comes equipped on this bike include ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, and Rear Cylinder Deactivation.

6 Indian Sport Chief - $18,999

Indian Sport Chief riding shot
Indian Motorcycles
Indian Sport Chief in grey, riding left to right

The Chief is Indian's immediate answer to cruising in comfort with a minimalist approach for an ideal riding experience. But for those that want maximum power along with that size comes in the form of the Indian Sport Chief as the brand's go-to high-performance cruiser. This model raises the standard for all-American cruisers that can be deceptively powerful thanks to some upgrades like its blacked-out Thunderstroke 116 motor, KYB inverted front forks, dual-disc radial-mounted Brembo brakes, Pirelli Night Dragon tyres, and rear FOX shocks crank up this bike's handling, stopping, and acceleration.

To add further emphasis to its aggressive riding style, the Indian Sport Chief comes equipped with a solo gunfighter seat and mid-mount foot controls, allowing the rider to find a comfortable, as well as assertive riding position. This bike is also a big fan of utilizing modern riding technology like its keyless ignition, LED lighting, as well as a touchscreen with turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth compatibility with mobile devices, and three selectable ride modes (Sport, Standard, and Tour).

7 Indian Chief Dark Horse - $18,499

2023 Indian chief bobber dark horse
Indian Motorcycles
Press photo of the 2023 Indian chief bobber dark horse

The Indian Chief line has established itself as the brand's classic, muscle-bound cruiser that takes relaxing rides seriously. The Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse takes that comfort factor even further with its own series upgrades. The first being a pair of mini-ape hanger handlebars that puts its rider in a more comfortable riding position by keeping their back upright and straight, as well as keeping the shoulders relaxed.

The forward foot controls keep the legs in a more stretched and outright position by relieving tension in the muscles. This bike, much like the rest of the Chief line features the Thunderstroke 116 (1890cc) engine that produces 120 lb-ft of torque and 79 horsepower, as well as its round digital IPS touchscreen display that comes equipped with the RIDE COMMAND system.

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8 Indian Super Chief - $18,999

As we've seen so far, many of the models in Indian's lineup come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with their own approach to cruising. Rocking a 4-gallon tank, this bike allows its riders to embark out on the highways and back roads for long stretches of time without having to stop to refuel. Its cruise control feature is especially handy too for those times when you want to lock in on a steady speed instead of cramping your hand on the throttle.

The low seat height, forward controls, and floorboards instead of foot pegs raises the bar for an Indian motorcycle's comfort level by keeping its rider relaxed for great lengths of time. Those saddlebags also allow its rider to carry everything they could need for those cross-country road trips, like extra clothes, snacks, camping gear, emergency supplies, etc. Certainly a viable introduction into the touring world.

9 Indian Springfield - $22,499

You know the popular saying "bigger is better"? Because this is where the famous Indian Springfield comes in. Built on a larger touring frame, this bike is like the Indian Super Chief's bigger, highway-loving brother. This bike rocks a 5.5-gallon fuel tank, making those cross-country road trips all the more tempting. Especially with its extra-comfortable two-up seat that making this motorcycle feel like you're riding a couch.

As a bike that takes cruising to a much larger scale, the Springfield as everything to make its rider stay comfortable for hours non-stop like a detachable windshield, floorboards, saddlebags and a new slipper clutch. And because we're talking about a bigger bike, the Indian Springfield packs a Thunderstroke 111 V-Twin engine that produces 119 lb-ft of torque and 74 horsepower.

10 Indian Chieftain - $22,999

2023 Indian chieftain limited
Indian Motorcycles
Press photo of the 2023 Indian chieftain limited

While we're on the subject of Indian's selection of touring bikes, we cannot forget the legendary Chieftain. This bike takes everything the Springfield brings to the table, and more. The touring frame, long-term cruising abilities, ABS, highway bars, saddlebags, LED lighting, floorboards, and cruise control are all the bare minimum a touring bike would need.

But in the Chieftain's case, those road trips get a few more creature comforts that make this bike even harder to turn away from. The batwing fairing provides additional wind protection for extended comfort, as well as housing a touchscreen display with USB input, Bluetooth compatibility, GPS navigation with built-in points of interest, Apple CarPlay, and a 100-Watt sound system to crank the tunes from your mobile device or AM/FM radio.