Tesla is known for leaving us waiting but also for providing innovation within the automotive industry. When it comes to the Cybertruck, the company has already left people waiting; therefore, all that is left to do is to come up with innovations upon release. It has now been more than three years since the showcasing of the Cybertruck concept which is now very close to actual production. This is a vehicle that is promised to provide performance and features that the truck segment has never seen before. The features showcased in 2019 were groundbreaking and rumors suggest that since then, they have only gotten more impressive. Here's why the Cybertruck is worth the wait, while also mentioning some exciting news regarding its release.

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The Cybertruck Will Redefine EV Range

Silver Tesla Cybertruck
Front 3/4 shot of Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck will change people’s perception of the electric vehicle range not just for trucks, but for electric trucks in general. One would think that if a company wanted to showcase EV range they would do so in the most efficient type of vehicle possible. But Tesla doesn’t work that way as they chose to release a full-sized truck on off-road tires with a range capability of 500 miles. At the time of writing, 500 miles will be the best figure in the segment and will certainly deem the Tesla much more usable than the rest. You see, current EV trucks like the Hummer EV and F-150 Lightning have provided sub-par performance when towing. They offer the power and stability needed, but their low-range figures get even lower when the vehicle is put under stress. This drop in range will most probably be observed in the Cybertruck as well; however, since it will be starting with a far higher number, the drop won’t be as significant.

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It Will Offer Next-Level Practicality

Side view of the interior of a Tesla Cybertruck
Side view of the interior of a Tesla Cybertruck with its seats and dashboard.

The Cybertruck will play within the full-sized truck segment and has very similar dimensions to a Ford F-150 Lightning. However, since the Cybertrukck is more cleverly designed, it will be able to offer more bed and interior space than its competition. This means that passengers will be more comfortable on long journeys while the larger bed will be able to haul more stuff. Worth mentioning is the fact that the bed of the truck will also have a locking rear cover that is retractable and lockable. This will enable owners of the truck to safely store their gear in the bed. Oh, inside the bed you will also find an air compressor and power plugs which will make airing up your tires or powering tools a breeze.

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Its Off-Road Abilities Will Be Outstanding

Tesla Cybertruck
Mike Mareen / Shutterstock
Front three-quarter shot of a Tesla Cybertruck

Trucks have been getting increasingly capable off-road. The world seems to have developed a lust for adventure which has led to an increased demand for off-road capable vehicles. This, in turn, has led to increased competition amongst manufacturers who build off-road capable trucks. Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to offer some incredible figures in this department. On announcement, the Cybertruck was said to feature 16 inches of ground clearance, although recent reports suggest that the final version will have even more. These insane numbers are achieved thanks to independent air suspension front and rear. The air suspension will be able to raise or lower the vehicle's ride height depending on whether you are driving on-road or off-road. People who have seen the Cybertruck’s air-suspension in person have stated that it is one of the largest and most robust air suspension systems on the current market. Worth noting is the fact that this air suspension has also been tested over high-speed off-road scenarios to ensure the Cybertruck can keep up with Baja-oriented trucks like the F-150 Raptor and Ram TRX.

So far, we don’t have any information regarding low-range gearing. However, we are sure that the electric motors available will be able to be accurately controlled to ensure maximum traction in all situations. This will essentially imitate the function of a diff locker.

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The Cybertruck’s Body Will Be Unlike Anything Else on The Road

Side view of a Tesla Cybertruck
Side view of a Tesla Cybertruck indoors with lights on

There is no denying that the looks of the Cybertruck are incredibly unique. Whether you are a fan of the design or not, there is no denying that the Cybertruck won’t be confused with any other truck on the road. The vehicle has zero curves and is essentially made from flat panels that are bonded together. Those panels are made from stainless steel and are supposed to be the toughest in the industry. Tesla has stated that the Cybertrucks body will be scratch, corrosion, and dent resistant. What is even more impressive is the fact that the Cybertruck is set to have a 0-60 time of under three seconds from a quad-motor configuration that will also support rear-wheel steering. Stainless steel is light; however, the Cybertruck itself certainly won’t be which makes the claimed numbers even harder to believe.

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The Latest Cybertruck Updates

2019 Tesla Cybertruck Concept driving
A 2019 Tesla Cybertruck Concept driving on a road

The most exciting part is that the Cybertruck seems to be nearing its actual production date. For some time, even Tesla fans were worried that the Cybertruck might not make it into production. However, current events suggest otherwise. A few days ago, Elon Musk arrived at the Lithium Ground-Breaking event in Texas in a Cybertruck outfitted with a tool rack. Also, it is said that the company has all the necessary components and machinery for the Cybertruck nearly ready. This suggests that the Cybertruck will be hitting the road soon. In fact, some sources suggest that we might be seeing it driving around by the summer of this year. This would certainly be exciting as we will finally be able to test the actual abilities of this truck in the real world. Will Tesla keep its promises and deliver the most advanced truck ever? Well, we shall wait and see.