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Richard's lifelong automotive journey started at an early age with building model cars. Upon getting his drivers license (and many, many speeding tickets), plastic models quickly morphed into the real thing. When he’s not writing, Richard can usually be found hiking, camping, or skiing in his home state of Colorado.

Blue Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 1
Why The C6 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Still Makes A Strong Case For Itself

With the C8 Corvette still experiencing crazy profiteering and long wait times, is it worth revisiting a simpler time from the 'Vette's history?

A Hennessey H700 burning rubber. 1
Here's How Hennessey Rendered The C8 Corvette Z06 Obsolete

Hennessey's H700 supercharger package out-muscles the Z06, but is it as well-rounded?

Tesla Cybertruck  1
Why The Tesla Cybertruck Doesn't Deserve All The Hate It Gets

Underneath the Cybertruck's dystopian sheet metal lies some pretty impressive technology that you can't hate

Red 2024 Ford Mustang Convertible 1
Here's Why You Can't Order The 2024 Ford Mustang

Muscle car fans will have to hold their horses a little longer for full info on the Ford S650— and that includes the finalised prices

2024 Acura ZDX Prototype 1
Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Acura ZDX

Will Acura's first-ever electric vehicle redeem the tarnished ZDX name?

1996 GM EV1 1
Here's What Really Happened To The GM EV1 Electric Car

Was the first mass-produced electric car simply ahead of its time?

A black 1969 carbon fiber Camaro driving in the desert. 1
A Deep Dive Into A 650 Horsepower All-Carbon 1969 Chevy Camaro

Finale Speed's Restomod 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Called "Viral" Took 3,000 Hours To Build and features an all-carbon exterior

A pair of shell recharge charging stations with a car plugged in. 1
Oil Giant Shell Wants To Help You Switch To An EV

By promising 500,000 EV Recharge stations by 2025, Shell is making it easier to go electric

Grey VW ID.7 Concept Car front 3/4 shot. 1
Here's What Really Makes The Volkswagen ID.7 Worth Waiting For

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 rival will be the latest addition to VW's EV family, packing serious technology and a claimed 435-mile range

Elon Musk 1
What If Elon Musk Is Right About GM?

The controversial CEO of Tesla and Twitter thinks that General Motors is on a path to financial ruin again

A blue 1993 Autozam AZ-1 with doors open. 1
The Autozam AZ-1 Is The Ultimate Japanese Pocket Rocket That You Simply Can't Ignore

Find out why this JDM micro-exotic from the 90s, which you've never heard of before, has the potential to go up in value on the collector car market

2022 Tesla Model Y 1
Will A Cheaper Model Y Save Tesla From Disaster In 2023?

After a brutal 2022, Tesla desperately needs a win, and a less expensive Model Y might just fit the bill

A 1981 DeLorean modified to look like a Back to the Future time machine. 1
DeLorean Is Suing NBC For A Piece Of "Back To The Future" Profits

DeLorean Motor Co. will battle NBCUniversal in court over licensing royalties from Back To The Future Merchandise

A Mercedes GLB test vehicle driving in snow. 1
Here's How The Mercedes-GLB Will Change For 2024

Our spy photographer caught Mercedes' upcoming baby Benz testing in the snow and here's what we think about the mid-cycle refresh on the GLB

A 2023 Maverick Tremor driving on dirt. 1
Everything You Need To Know About The Ford Maverick's Tremor Package

Announced in August 2022, Ford's pint-sized off-road pickup is finally hitting showroom floors

Toyota-Yamaha Hydrogen V-8 Engine 1
Toyota’s Hydrogen Combustion Engine Has The Potential To Make EVs Obsolete

Toyota is taking a diversified approach to achieve carbon neutrality and it could be a winning formula for the Japanese automaker

A pink 2023 Saipa Atlas SUV driving off-road. 1
Iran’s Hottest New SUV Is Based On A 1987 Kia

Meet the 2023 Atlas Saipa, a brand new crossover that packs Reagan-era technology and costs lesst than $7,000

A grey 2022 Nissan Nismo Patrol driving at night. 1
The Nissan Patrol Nismo Is Our Latest Forbidden Obsession

The Nismo Patrol is the quintessential luxury vehicle for driving in the desert, and you can't have one.

A blue 2023 Corvette Z06 driving. 1
Here's How Much Horsepower The Chevy C8 Z06 Actually Makes

There's nothing like a good ol' Dyno Test to reveal true numbers on a high-performance sports car and the results for the C8 Z06 are surprising

Blue 2002 Nissan GT-R R34 1
Five JDM Cars You Can Finally Import To The U.S. In 2023

From mild to wild, check out these sensational Japan-only icons that are turning 25 years old

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