The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that has a purist cult following, and it has been this way for decades. With the C8, Chevy decided that the way in which they could improve the car was to change it from a front to a mid-engine model, which of course made fans incredibly angry despite the actual performance advantages. As such, one would think that Chevy would decide to keep things relatively the same going forward. Despite the major changes coming in the form of the E-Ray, the 2024 C8 Stingray Corvette is actually staying relatively the same.

Having said that, there are a few notable features with the new model that may make it worth waiting for, the question is simply how highly you value them. From new colors to added safety features, we will explore what makes the 2024 model different, that'll help you decide which model you should go for.

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A Visual Update Is On Its Way For The C8

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coupe
Mecum Auctions
A front 3/4 shot of a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coupe

Chevy has been known to challenge the norm with the Corvette, and they have shown that they aren’t afraid to shake things up to put out the best possible sports car. For the automaker, a part of this journey has been making the best-looking sports car on the American market, and no one can argue that they have indeed achieved this. So, what are they doing with the 2024 model to improve on their already brilliant formula?

One of the main changes coming to the 2024 Corvette is the introduction of new paint options. This may seem like a small change, but the new colors on the C8 should help keep things fresh. The first of the bunch is Riptide Blue, which seems like it may already be the favorite of many. For those looking for a more sophisticated look, there is also going to be a Sea Wolf Gray, which embodies an air of luxury. The final new color is something more out of the box, Chevrolet will be introducing Cacti, which is a muted green color and a bold choice. Along with the new colors comes an updated racing stripe design, which looks much sleeker and suits the body of the Corvette better than what we’ve seen in previous iterations.

Parked 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray
The Petersen Museum
A front 3/4 outdoor shot of two 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray's at the Petersen Museum

Alongside the new colors, there are changes being made to the door panels on the 3LT trim. The doors are receiving an update to the stitching pattern. The new pattern has an almost retro feel to it and is a bit of a contrast to the otherwise contemporary cockpit. Another aesthetic improvement to the C8 is that the convertible models are receiving the option for transparent panels over the engine bay. This option is something that the public is yet to see but it may draw appeal to those considering the C8.

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Safety And Quality Of Life Improvements Make The 2024 Stingray Pretty Appealing

Driver’s seat in 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 3LZ coupe
View from driver’s seat in 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 3LZ coupe in Silver Flare with Two Tone Blue Interior.

The new Corvette is also set to receive a bunch of features that you would only find on the Z06. One of the most anticipated new features is the level two carbon fiber interior, which would be a pricey but desirable option on the Stingray. This option was previously unavailable in Stingrays. The problem with the C8's front trunk’s closing mechanism which has created dangerous situations for drivers has been addressed as the new Stingray will now come with a soft close trunk whereby the driver can softly shut the trunk and the car will automatically seal the rest of the way.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 interior
Close up of 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 interior details. 

In terms of new safety features, the 2024 Stingray comes stacked with driver-assist options. Among which is Lane Keep Assist which aims to keep the driver in their current lane, warning them if they begin to stray. Some more features include Automatic Emergency Breaking, a Forward Collision Alert system, a Following Distance Indicator, and Intellibeam Auto High Beam Assist which detects when oncoming cars are approaching and turns your high beams off automatically.

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There Is Merit To Buying Now Instead Of Waiting

Despite all these changes to the C8 Corvette, there is still an argument for buying now instead of holding off on the newer models. Prime among these reasons, if you are a person who cares about the future value of your car, is that the 70th Anniversary Edition of the Corvette is available this year. Having this unique, low-production C8 is something definitely worth considering if you have the extra money to spend.

There is of course the topic of price to consider. The mid-engined sports car is expected to cost a couple of thousand dollars more, based on the increases we've experienced over the last couple of years of Corvettes. Are these safety changes and quality-of-life updates to the sports car worth both the money and the wait that you incur? That's up to you.

At the end of the day, the 2024 C8 is not changing all that much. There are a few more likely visual updates, including colors and carbon fiber in the cockpit, along with some safety features that the 2023 model didn’t benefit from. However, the C8 Corvette is a driver’s car, and the way the car feels is paramount. The 2024 C8 may come with some bells and whistles but ordering the 2023 Anniversary Edition would definitely give you the best value and the better experience overall.