The Chevrolet Corvette is an iconic name in automotive history, and today the C8 is one of the most versatile sports cars you can buy. Incidentally, 2023 is the 70th anniversary of the Corvette nameplate and Chevrolet has released a special edition C8 to honor this. The Corvette C8 can match the best that the Germans and Italians can offer in the handling and performance department. If you’re looking for a car for hooning around on a racetrack, the Z51 Performance package transforms the C8 into exactly what you’re looking for. The Z51 performance package was developed by Chevy engineers to upgrade a stock C8 with more track centric features, these include an upgraded cooling system, electronic limited slip differential (eLSD), and bigger Brembo brakes. The Z51 package costs $6,345, while being completely worth it, means that it’s a little heavy on your wallet.

So to help you make some modifications which are easy and cheap, we have compiled a list of tasteful value-for-money modifications for your C8 to improve your overall experience. All of these modifications can be done by yourself and can be completed in under one hour with some basic tools and steady hands. The best part about these modifications is that they cost lesser than $100 total.

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A Carbon Fiber Ignition Button To Add A Touch Of Class

The first mod we are going to talk about is this easy to install carbon fiber ignition button overlay by Paragon Performance. This modification makes your ignition button look fantastic while protecting it from the wear and tear of use. This overlay comes in five colors - red, blue, black, black with blue weave, and black with red weave which is our personal favorite. The button overlay comes with 3M sticker backing which makes installation a cinch and is designed with a slot with the tiny ignition button light in mind. This modification costs just $14.99 making it a steal. Another great product which could complement this modification also from Paragon Performance is a matching carbon fiber key cover for your key fob, which is also available in 5 colors.

The next modification on this list is essential for any modern car, with large screens, which is most of them now. The Screen Protech HD protective film for the Corvette C8 comes with high quality protection for the instrument cluster and for the navigation screen. The kit comes with a microfiber towel, squeegee and a Mini Mister to help you with the installation of the screen protection. The C8 features a gorgeous pair of screens, including the 8.0-inch touch screen and the gauge cluster, and this product ensures that they remain scratch and finger smudge free. This modification will set you back by $54.95, and for an additional $14.97 the company will send you an extra set as insurance in case you are unsuccessful in installing the first set. The company also claims that the screen protector also helps to cover up scratches on screens on older model cars.

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Carbon Fiber License Plate Gives You Extra Swag

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coupe
Mecum Auctions
A front 3/4 shot of a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Coupe

The next modification, which is simple yet helps to improve the aesthetic of your C8, is a hydro-dipped carbon fiber license plate. These are easy to buy off Amazon and come with a wide variety of designs, and can even come with the Stingray lettering if you have that instead of the Z06. We prefer the bare carbon fiber look, which is subtle yet very cool. While real carbon fiber license plate frame costs somewhere between $70-$100, hydro dipped one's costs as little as $10 while still looking great.

Another modification which is small, yet popular among C8 owners, is changing the color of the transparent Team Corvette logo on the windshield. The Team Corvette logo, which was a delightful addition to the windshield, was done subtly by Chevrolet in the mid of 2020. The color change can be done with a simple vinyl stuck in between the windshield and the dashboard. The color of the vinyl can be matched to racing stripes, the overall color scheme of the car, and any color which strikes your fancy. The vinyl can be purchased at any hobby shop for as less than 99¢ and installed with virtually no effort.

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Rear Light Smoke Tint Adds The Final Touch

A parked White 70th Anniversary C8 Corvette
Side and partial back view of a White 70th Anniversary C8 Corvette

Our last recommendation is actually a modification made with two products from Paragon Performance, the C8 Tail light overlays for the side and front of the tail indicators, to make them look smoked. These are a couple of laser-cut vinyl overlays which fit snugly over the rear indicators. The installation of these pieces are fairly straightforward, and they make these in 2 color schemes - smoke and dark. If you would like to go fully blacked out with your rear lights, Paragon Performance makes this possible as well. These pieces cost $7.95 for a pair and are great value for your money.

Everyone loves modifications on their dream machines, especially ones that are simple to do and are pocket friendly. We love our cars, and doing these types of small mods yourself solidifies the bond you feel with your machine. The modifications we have listed here tick all the above boxes while still being functional and practical at the same time. The sky’s the limit when it comes to modifications, and everything can be customized exactly as you want it. We hope this small compilation gets you started on your modification journey.